Ceremony :
Tulleys Farm is currently not registered to offer licensed ceremonies at the venue.  The licence will be applied for in the near future and the hope is to have both an interior space and exterior space licensed to offer ceremonies inside and outside. 
If you require further information please contact us. 
We can however offer humanist ceremonies at Tulleys and would happily accommodate any requests.


Logistics :
What time can we arrive at Tulleys Farm on our wedding day?
You can have access to the venue from 11am.

Can we drop anything off the day before our wedding?
Yes, certain small items can be dropped off the day before your wedding, please liaise with us on this.

Will there be another event the day before our wedding?
We cannot guarantee that there will not be an event taking place the day before your own. If this is the case then we can recommend a company that can decorate the barns for you on the morning of your wedding day as per your instructions.

Do you allow children at the Barns?
Yes, we welcome children to Tulleys Farm but ask that they are supervised at all times.

What is the maximum number of guests we can have for the Wedding Breakfast?
We can accommodate up to 100 people in Dutch Barn for a sit down meal using either round tables or long trestle tables.

Do you have any high chairs we can use?
Yes, we have x high chairs which you can use.

Do you provide a microphone for the speeches?
If required we can provide a microphone and PA system for speeches in the Threshing Barn, this is free of charge.

Do suppliers need to provide insurance certificates?
All outside services used at Tulleys Farm must supply a public liability insurance certificate.

What time do we have to finish the party?
In order to conform with our premises licence, all music must cease by 23:00 and taxis should be booked. Guests must have left by midnight.

Can we have a long top table?
We can provide long trestle tables and round tables that seat 8-10 people.

Do you have a cloakroom we can use?
We don’t have a cloakroom but we do have a hanging rail which your guests can leave their coats on if required.

Do you provide children’s entertainment?
No we don’t but we can suggest local children’s entertainers for you to contact.

Can you recommend any local suppliers?
Yes a recommended supplier list is available here.

Can my photographer come to Tulleys Farm before the wedding to look round?
Yes, as long as you make an appointment beforehand.

Are the Barns lit from the outside at night time?
Do I have to lay the name cards etc. out on the morning of our wedding or can you do that for us? No we do not do this.  We can however recommend a company that can help with this.

Can we have fireworks?
Yes you are allowed to have fireworks at Tulleys Farm. Fireworks are set up x. We recommend using x who specialise in wedding fireworks.

Can we launch Chinese lanterns?
Unfortunately we don’t allow Chinese lanterns to be launched as the debris impacts on our local residents and farmland. It also causes harm to local livestock. This ruling is in line with recommendations from the Country Land Association.

Can we decorate the venue?
Yes, you are allowed to decorate both the Dairy Barn and the Threshing Barn although you will need to run your ideas past us first to ensure they are within health and safety guidelines. Please note when decorating this is at your own risk. Decorations and flower displays must be prepared beforehand and cannot be made on site.  We do not allow any person apart from recommended suppliers or a member of staff from Tulleys to use ladders on site.

When do we need to collect our belongings/decorations?
All belongings and decorations need to be collected by 10.30am the morning after your wedding in case we have another event taking place.  

Can we have candles?
We do allow candles.

Can we have confetti?
We are happy for you to have confetti but ask that it is natural confetti, such as rose petals or other flowers.

Can we have helium balloons?
This depends on what other events are taking place around the time of your wedding. If helium balloons come loose they are difficult to retrieve. Please check with us nearer the time for confirmation.

Are we allowed to bring dogs?
We welcome well-behaved dogs to Tulleys Farm and have also accommodated other animals, such as horses. Please do discuss this with us before your event.

Can cars be left in the car park overnight?
Yes cars can be left in the car park overnight but must be collected by 10am the next morning.

Are there hotels / B&B’s locally?
Yes, there are plenty of other hotels and B&B’s locally. You can see a list of local accommodation options on our website.


Can we bring our own caterers in?
No, we work in an exclusive partnership with a several local caterers who offer an exceptionally high level of service and competitive prices.  Please ask for further information.


Booking Process
Can we come and have a look at Tulleys Farm at a weekend?
We can organise viewings at weekends but they must be arranged in-advance so they do not interfere with booked events. We can also conduct viewings throughout the week. Viewings must be booked in advance by calling us on X.

How long can you provisionally hold a date for us?
Once you’ve been for a viewing, we can provisionally hold a date for you for one week.

What deposit do I have to pay when I confirm a date?
Once you have booked a date, we will send out a contract and a deposit invoice for 50% of the venue hire fee. A further 25% of the booking fee will be required six weeks before the event and the remaining 25% will be due one week before the event date.


Wedding Pack