The Tulleys Team

The Tulleys Team

I'm Stuart and I'm the third generation of the Beare family to have lived and worked at Tulleys Farm. My mother, Marion is still very much involved she is a rock; when the going gets tough, Mum always has the words of wisdom that help. With our trusted farm hands Derek and Ed, the farm gets looked after, they tend the Maize for the big summer Family Attraction and the Halloween Corn Field.

My own role is a general one, but I do look after most of the marketing and put the plan together for the big seasonal attractions.

I'm not known for my administrative expertise - in fact, if chaos has been created, it's normally because of me! Jacqeline, Janine, Denise and other essential helpers run the accounts and human resources between them, but Denise will often be found washing up in the tearoom as the pressure builds over lunchtime.

The Tearoom, Espresso bar and all the event catering is run by Nikki and her assistant Charlotte. They have a great team of chefs, cooks and front of house staff, who keep all our visitors well fed and watered.

Any event build up is organised by Peter, who is always smiling, whatever the weather. His team also maintains the grounds and cuts the grass etc. If things get broken, we have Lucas to fix them.

All the residents of the Animal Patch are lovingly cared for, including the ducks on the pond and the goats on the walkway above the tea garden.

I have a great team around me; sometimes we get it wrong, sometimes we hear a complaint from a visitor, but our intentions are always to do the best we possibly can and have some fun along the way.

Stuart Beare