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To 'Tulleys Drive Thru' success story!

Designed to provide a safe enviroment for you to shop in these challenging times, and keep the 'wheels turning'... here at Tulleys Farm.

You can shop from the safety of your car. - We are open daily from 10am to 5pm.

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What's it all about?...

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The return of groceries to Tulleys...

Tulleys closed its farm shop in 2014, to focus on its event business and pumpkin growing!

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years! In the last couple of weeks, we have been inundated with people travelling far and wide in the hope of finding the basic food essentials. I have a team of around 40 staff that are currently twiddling their fingers, so we’ve got creative!

We have started a "Drive Thru" Farm Shop. The shop will stock basic fruit and veg, meats, dried goods and dairy.

We have a “Drive Thru” system with remote card payment.  Please be patient with us, the team will do what it can to fulfil your needs as quickly as possible.

Wishing everyone the very best. Stu

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