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Our Location

Our Location

Centrally located between London & Brighton in the heart of the Sussex countryside Tulleys can be easliy located from a wide collection of populated areas, including Crawley, East Grinstead, Hayward Heath and Burgess Hill as well as local villages such as Turners Hill, Crawley Down, Copthorne and Balcombe.

Find us by Road...

In plain English - we are on Turners Hill Road, between Worth Corner Business Centre (roundabout) and Turners Hill Village Church.
There is another Turners Hill Road close by, but use the landmarks mentioned above and on the illustrated map below, and you should be ok.

Find us by Bus.

Starting from Crawley or East Grinstead : Metrobus Route 84 now stops outside the Tulleys Farm Tea Room and Venue. So make sure you disembark at he right place!

Find us by Train...

The closest train stations are:-
Three Bridges - situated on the London to Brighton line. 5 mins by Taxi. A 30 minute walk along the Worth Way.
East Grinstead - 10 mins by Taxi. By bus - head to Turners Hill village, you then have a short 10 minute walk.

Find us on Foot ...

You can walk to Tulleys Farm, but please be advised, they are long distance walks, with areas of beautiful countryside and foot paths, as well as country road sections with two way traffic.

The Worth Way is a country path which starts in the Maidenbower Estate, Crawley/Three Bridges ending at East Grinstead Station.
Tulleys Farm is situated a little off the Worth Way - about a quarter of the way to East Grinstead
From the Crawley/Maidenbower end - head east, toward East Grinstead, after a couple of miles, you will pass an old station building (now a business), carry on the foot path, you will eventually come to a road/drive with a large green traffic barrier on your left, you must leave the Worth Way here, turn right, head up the hill, on the drive, towards the industrial units (not the timber yards) and follow the footpath that goes off to the right, ending up at the maize maze and Puzzle Park.
From there a roadside foot path leads to the Farm Please use caution on the Worth Way as this is a cycle track also, plus take extra care on all foot paths, roads and road side paths.