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Escape Room Games Master

Job Description

All Applicants must be able to work between 20 to 40 hours per week

We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals to join our escape room team. Tulleys is a fun and creative environment therefore the team needs to reflect this.
Your role will be as Games Master, and you will be responsible for hosting teams in our award-winning escape rooms. You will need a passion for the entertainment industry, combined with exceptional customer service.
You will be observing each group for the duration of their experience on CCTV Cameras. We treat each escape room as a mini production, once certain sequences and puzzles are completed, you are equipped with a control board to trigger various effects. You will also be required to help the groups when they are struggling, giving hints over audio. Don’t worry there is a training programme in place, we won’t have you run a room on your own until you are confident in doing so.
At the end of each game, you will need to debrief customers, provide feedback on how their experience went and find out a little bit about them. We have a Bar in the escape room lobby, the customers will be offered drinks before and after their experience. (You don’t need bar experience)
We work in a time sensitive environment, as there is an allocated time slot between each group, where you will need to learn to reset the room. This must be done thoroughly to ensure the room is reset exactly the same way as it was before, to avoid any confusion for the next set of visitors.

(Please note you must be 18+ to apply)
Please provide the following information within the email:
•    CV (Don’t panic one A4 is absolutely fine, this is so we can have an understanding of your previous experience)
•    Covering letter (Give a little background on why you are applying for this job, an indication of how many hours you are willing to work per week)
Using the link below, send the email...

With a title  :  ‘(Your Name) Escape room job application’

[email protected] 

and please cc  [email protected]
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